Commute from North Austin? Carma Carpooling Will Help Pay Your Toll Costs

1-IMG_0002Carma is a ridesharing app that came to Austin last fall. Now, through a pilot program with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and TxDOT, it helps commuters save money on tolls. Now anyone sharing rides – carpooling – on 183A and Manor Expressway can snag toll reimbursements for every trip they share. Tolls are cut in half for two-person carpools, and eliminated with carpools of three or more people. Watch a video about the new partnership here.

Carma’s ridesharing app helps drivers and riders with similar commute routes find each other, enabling them to set up carpools and share the cost of driving through automatic in-app payments. Drivers can also offer rides for free. The app also confirms how many people are carpooling and prompts a toll reimbursement.

Carma is free, so download right now and start sharing rides! To participate in the pilot, you will also need to register your TxTag and license plate info in the profile screen as you set up the app. Once complete, any Carma carpooling trip on these toll roads will be eligible for reimbursements.

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Here’s a quick overview of how Carma works:

1. Download the Carma Carpooling app for iPhone or Android – Carma is free to join

2. Set up your profile and input your normal commute schedule & route

3. Carma shows your nearby matches. View profiles and message them to get in touch

4. Tap ‘Start Trip’ – Carma starts recording trip distance. Riders have the opportunity to pay $0.20 per mile to contribute towards fuel costs.

5. Tap ‘End Trip’ – payment is transferred from Rider to Driver

Want to learn more, or schedule an info session for your company? Email the folks at Carma.


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