The New Kid in Town: Spokefly

Movability staff recently discovered a new bike sharing service startup in Austin, and gave it a try. Read on to learn more and see how it works!

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Spokefly is a bike share platform that makes it easy for people to find, rent, and ride bikes. Using Spokefly’s mobile website, you can sign up, purchase a membership and get access to the bikes you need. It’s different from Austin B-cycle in that you can keep the bikes for much longer periods of time, and choose from a variety of bikes.

If you want to ride a bike to work on bike-to-work day or for the next Pop-Up Commuter Breakfast, but don’t have a bike, Spokefly is perfect. Or maybe you want to try biking to work on a regular basis, but aren’t ready to make the big investment of buying a new bike. Spokefly has several commuter bikes to choose from. If you are looking to go off road, grab a mountain bike. If you just want something for the weekend, grab a cool single speed bike. That’s what Movability Program Director Lauren did over the weekend, and she’s put together a list of what you need to know to get started using Spokefly.

  • Go to the website and sign up. There are a variety of memberships to choose from. There’s even one for SXSW!
  • Peruse the different bikes, pick the one you like, and click “Reserve.”
  • You’ll get a text message confirming your reservation and the location of the bike.
  • Once you arrive at the bike, you’ll need to use your smartphone to login to your account on the mobile website and click “Start Ride.”
  • Once you’ve done that, you’ll receive a bike lock code.
  • Unlock the bike, and ride!
  • When done using the bike, park the bike, lock it up, log back into the website and check the bike in. That’s it!

Movability ran into a happy Spokefly customer over the weekend. Rose didn’t have a bicycle and was trying out the service for MapJam. Here is what Rose has to say about her experience:


“I hadn’t ridden a bike in over a year and since I’ve signed up, I’ve ridden every day. It’s just so easy! With Spokefly, I don’t even think about getting in my car during rush hour when I can just fly around on a bike easier than driving and not have to worry about where I lock the bike up. My friends are already annoyed at me for how much I talk about Spokefly. I don’t know why it wasn’t around sooner!”

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