New Features on the Commuting Apps You Love

The Austin homegrown apps that you know and love are getting even better! Both RideScout and Dadnab have made updates that you’ll want to know about.


Now available for Android! All you Android users can finally take advantage of the great features that Ridescout offers, like showing all your transportation options on one screen, including Capital Metro routes, car2go and B-Cycle.


RideScout iPhoneMockup_BcycleNotifications

Wait, did you say B-Cycle? Yes! RideScout and Austin B-Cycle have teamed up. B-Cycle is now integrated with RideScout so that users can see how many bikes or empty docks are available at a particular station. They’ve even gone a step further with a new (optional) notification system. RideScout will let users know when they’ve used 25 of their 30 free minutes of ride time or reroute users when their preferred destination dock becomes full, preventing the dreaded “dock block” situation (when you bike to your end station only to find that it’s full). RideScout is also sponsoring some of the B-Cycles and will be offering special deals through their social media channels!






Dadnab responded to 2.5 million requests in 2013. That’s a lot of people looking for transit info! Dadnab has updated its text service to provide real-time information, when available, for Capital Metro buses and rail, including -1MetroRapid.

When you receive itineraries or next departure times, you’ll see a number in parentheses if the bus or train is off schedule. A negative number means it’s behind schedule, and a positive number means it’s ahead of schedule.  In this example, the bus is running 9 minutes late and will likely arrive around 11:35 am.


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