Match Maker, Match Maker, Make Me a Match!

Finding a good match is all about compatibility and having something in common. What do these thousands of orange dots spread all throughout Austin have in common? They all represent people working downtown! One of these dots could be you. Are there other dots near your home? Perhaps they would make a good carpool partner. We’ve highlighted three areas of town that we think are particularly ripe for carpooling, and provided some tools so that you can start a carpool.

carpool graphics full city view

 1.     Oak Hill Austinites love Oak Hill. You’ve got the Wildflower Center, an Alamo Drafthouse and the Veloway. What’s not to love? Oh, right, the traffic! Well, why not carpool? There are hundreds of downtown employees in this area.


2.     Steiner Ranch This part of town isn’t known for its transit options so many downtown employees drive alone each day. For those of you that are tired of that daily grind, why not find a neighbor to share a ride?

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3.     Mopac and Parmer Never fear north Austinites! There are plenty of carpool matches for you as well. There are even downtown employees north of here in Round Rock and Georgetown!


 But How Do I Connect with People Living Nearby? Glad you asked! Here are some great tools to find people who live and work near you on the same schedule: Carma is a new mobile app in town that helps you find a carpool match in real time. That means you only commit to carpooling when you want or need to. You can find out more on Carma’s website, or come talk to them at our Pop-Up Commuter Breakfast Friday, February 14. MyCommuteSolutions is a website that will match you with someone to carpool with and will also log your carpool, bike, transit, and walking commutes. You can also win fabulous prizes! Check both out and decide which works best for you. The more people using these tools, the easier it becomes to give or get a ride. You can help by asking your employer to promote carpooling and share this article.

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