How To Put The Love Back In Your Commute


Austinites love to hate traffic on a daily basis, and it’s not hard to find rush hour rants on social media:

facebook heartbreak post 2

 facebook heartbreak post


For Valentine’s Day we would like to offer you food for thought on how you might start to feel a little #CommuteLoveATX.

bike-loveInstead of sitting in your car and being part of the traffic, wouldn’t it be better to feel the breeze in your hair, drink in the world around you, say hello to people as you go by? If you want your commute to be like this for even a day or two a week, then go ahead ask a bike to “Be Your Valentine.”







OK, you may not choose to screen dates based on whether or not they live on your bus line, but people are increasingly thinking more carefully about living, working, and playing near transit so that they don’t have to sit in traffic every time they leave the house.







Who wants to carpool with Jennifer Lawrence? Try it and you too might find that carpooling adds excitement to your life.

This Valentine’s Day express your appreciation for that special someone who drives you to work, or consider filling that empty seat by asking a spouse, co-worker, or neighbor “Will You Be My Carpool Buddy?”

(And treat them to breakfast on us!)




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