Dear Tabby: Your Commuting Questions Answered

commuter cat 3Do you have commuting questions but nowhere to turn? In our continuing advice column series, our intrepid Commuter Cat will answer your questions and keep you moving!

Today’s questions cover late night transit options and how to lock up your B-cycle.

Q: What if I want to take the bus at night to go see my favorite band? Are there any routes I can use? Yours, Music Fan

Dear Music Fan, Capital Metro does run some “Night Owl” routes. The 481 Night Owl runs from 6th Street and Congress Ave. along Guadalupe Street to North Lamar Blvd. and Rundberg Ln. It starts just after midnight on weekdays and Saturdays, and runs every 20 minutes until 4:00 am.

The 483 Night Owl route has a similar schedule, but runs from 6th and Congress to Oltorf and Burton, with only two stops. There’s also the 484 Night Owl to South Lamar, 485 Night Owl to Cameron Ln., and 486 Night Owl to Pleasant Valley and William Cannon. All of them run from approximately midnight to 4:00 am.

While these routes will get you to or from downtown in the wee hours, they have very limited stops. Most of them only go to and from one point, not multiple stops along a route.

As Austin grows, transit schedules will need to change to meet customers’ needs. As the Live Music Capital of the World, safety and convenience alone should have more music lovers using transit. Would you use transit and trains running later into the evenings? If you’re interested in seeing more transit options in the evening, click here to give your input on future transit in Austin.

Q: I’d like to stop by my favorite coffee shop while I’m using a B-cycle bike on my way to work, but I can’t figure out how to use the lock. Can you help? Love, Caffeine Deprived

Dear Caffeine Deprived, Commuter Cat recently faced a similar dilemma; I was out on a B-cycle bike delivering free MetroRapid day passes and needed to stop over at our member HomeAway, but there was not a B-cycle station nearby. Luckily, it was easy to lock the bike up while I ran inside. Because you are probably not the only one with this question, I have asked my assistant to demonstrate just how to use the B-cycle lock for those times you need it.

lock 1 (1)

1: Grab the cable that sits in the basket.





lock 1 (2)

2: Loop it around the bike rack.





lock 1 (3)

3. Plug it in on the right side under the basket; you may need to give it a good push.





lock 1 (4)

4: Pull out the key that is attached to the black knob on the side of the basket; it has a small picture of a lock on the side.





lock 1 (5)

5: Take the key with you (and hurry back, charges start after 30 minutes!)





lock 1 (6)

6: To unlock the bike, put the key back in and turn; the cable will unlock, and off you go!


2 Responses to Dear Tabby: Your Commuting Questions Answered

  1. Mike says:

    Tabby – Didn’t you check the App? There’s a BCycle station one block away from HomeAway at 5th and Bowie. Right across from Whole Foods.

    • glenn says:

      Mike- Tabby here…have you ever seen a cat cross Lamar on foot? It’s not recommended. All kidding aside, yes, Tabby loves apps, especially the B-Cycle app. But cats are lazy and 1 (super)block is just too far!