MetroRapid: There’s an App for that, and Where Did My 1L Go? We Explain It All

This week Capital Metro launched its new mobile app, intended to make life for transit commuters even sweeter. Movability checked out the app to give you the in’s and out’s first hand. We also dug into details about the new MetroRapid route and the bus routes it’s replacing in order to clear up any confusion for commuters.

Metro goes digital

You can download the app from iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows store. Here’s a play by play on how to use the new app. Capital Metro also has a great tutorial on its website and even some instruction inside the app.

•After download, create your User Account. All it takes is your name and email address. Or you connect with your Facebook or Google accounts.

capmetro app_login

Buy a pass: to buy a pass you need your user account. You’ll be asked to set up a pin number to protect your payment information. From there you just pick the pass you want (Local, Premium, Commuter, Access), then choose the timeframe (day, week, month), add your card info (you’ll only need to do this the first time, as the app saves this info for future use).

capmetro app_buy tickets

Use your pass: There are 2 ways to use your new digital transit pass: 1) show the pass to the driver, who will visually check it or 2) use the QR code to board at the back two doors on MetroRapid buses. Easy breezy!

When does the bus/train come? There are four ways to figure out your next trip. 1) Trip Planner, which works much like the Trip Planner from the Capital Metro website. Just enter your starting location, where you want to go, and when. Trip Planner will give you three choices. You can also “favorite” one trip that you take often  so you can easily locate it each time! 2) Schedules will bring up the scheduled stop times for any of Capital Metro’s routes 3) Viewing the maps allows you to select which route you want. The app will bring your route up on a map that has scheduled times for each stop. 4) And finally, there is “Next Bus” that will tell you the next time a bus will come at a particular stop. Or you can use the “Find Stops Near Me” function when you’re in a new part of town and need to locate your bus stop.

Real Time scheduling! For MetroRapid and the RedLine, the times you see on the app will be in real time. Which means the time you see will be accurate within 90 seconds of arrival. Now you can squeak out a few more minutes at the gym or the pub before leaving to catch your ride!

What happens to my 101 / 1L / 1M?

If you normally take either the 101 or 1L buses into downtown, you can take MetroRapid 801 or Route 1 South Congress/Metric and 275 North Lamar Feeder starting January 27. You may want to locate your new bus stop before then. To do that, use the new mobile app or Trip Planner on the CapMetro website, or call CapMetro at 512-474-1200.

You will need a Premium Pass to ride your new bus, the 801. If you already have a local pass that you purchased prior to MetroRapid’s launch, you can upgrade that pass through February 28 at the Transit Store downtown.

When you board the 801, the acceptable payment methods vary by door (app, dollars, pass). Here is a handy graphic to help you understand payment options at each of the three doors. Basically, only the driver’s entrance can take dollars and coins.

Paying onboard metroRapid

If you are a 1M user, your route will now be the 1. You can find that schedule here. If you hold a local pass, it’s still valid for this route, no upgrades necessary.

Finally, here is a reminder of the new fare structure!


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