Guaranteed Ride: Your Knight In Shining Armor

One thing that keeps people in their cars, even when it’s inconvenient to drive alone, is the worry that something unexpected will come up that requires an immediate ride. We’ve all experienced the sick child, the toothache that can’t wait, the call from the home alarm company. Those ‘what if’s’ keep us in our cars, but they don’t have to!


Knowing all of your guaranteed ride home options in advance of that emergency will give you that peace of mind and make using options that much better.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there, even for the car-free.

Capital Metro’s Guaranteed Ride Home program is kind of like commuter insurance. For an annual $5 fee, MetroRail, MetroExpress and RideShare customers can be reimbursed for up to four $50 emergency taxi rides a year.

The University of Texas also enrolls all registered carpoolers in a Guaranteed Ride Home program that makes them eligible for two free taxi rides home per semester.

Members of Car2Go and Zipcar also have access to vehicles 24/7. To use Car2Go or Zipcar, sign up online. Once you’re activated as a member, both services let you use your membership card to grab a car at a pickup spot that’s convenient for you.


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