Dear Tabby: Your Commuting Questions Answered

Have you ever had a burning commute question, but just didn’t know where to turn? Maybe you buried that question deep inside, grabbed the car keys and drove alone. Well, fear not commuters!

Movability Austin brings you the advice column that will end all of that nonsense. We have found a Commuter Cat who is an expert with all travel modes and has friends in high places to relay your questions. Commuter Cat will answer those pressing commute-related questions and set you on the path to a stress-free commute. So, ask away!

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We have two questions today, all about buses!

“Help! My bus stop doesn’t have a ____________(bench/bike rack/light/trash can)!”

Two State of Texas employees recently came to Movability staff with just this problem. One employee didn’t have a bench at his bus stop, plus he had a broken foot! Imagine his relief when we relayed that request to Capital Metro and just a few days later they installed a bench. Another state employee told staff that she would love to ride her bike to the bus, if only there was a place to lock it up when she got there. Again, we let Capital Metro know where a bike rack was needed and in no time at all they installed one!

Bus stop quality and amenities can range greatly depending on where you are. The good news is if your stop comes up short on amenities, it doesn’t have to stay that way! Capital Metro is committed to continually improving bus stop quality. If your stop is missing something, let Capital Metro know by sending an email to James Hoskins and staff there will do their best to take care of the issue.

“What is with the Capital Metro Four Points bus route? Can I use it to get into downtown each day?”

This route looks like it would be great for those living in the RR 620 and FM 2222 area so we dug into it. Movability spoke with Lawrence Deeter, a senior Capital Metro planner, to get the details.

Currently the route (#122) runs between the Lakeline Station Park & Ride and downtown, but there is only one bus leaving the area in the morning and two coming back in the evening.

It turns out this route will not work for commuters in the Riverplace and Steiner Ranch areas. The route is the result of a 3M request and Capital Metro efficiency experts. 3M needed a way to get employees from downtown out to the 3M site in Northwest Austin and CapMetro had some empty express buses leaving downtown at a time that worked for everyone. These busses would normally be empty once they reach downtown, but Capital Metro makes efficient use of the return trip by picking up the 3M employees. Because this route is so specialized, employees coming into downtown are unable to make use of it. But don’t fret, you do have some options!

If you are a downtown employee living in this area, your best option for relief from the daily drive alone is carpooling. Talk to your coworkers to see who lives in your area or use one of these helpful carpool matching services: Carma, Ridescout and MyCommute Solutions. If you are interested in a Capital Metro bus serving your area let Movability Austin know! Capital Metro wants to know how much interest exists out there, so just shoot us a quick email and we’ll make sure they hear you!

Do you have a commuting question that’s got you stumped? Send it to the Commuter Cat and let her figure it out! Email today!

2 Responses to Dear Tabby: Your Commuting Questions Answered

  1. Glad1 says:

    Dear Commuter Cat,
    It is my understanding that the prices for passes will change sometime this month (Jan 2014). If I buy a Cap Metro monthly local pass ($30) on January 14th, will that pass continue to be good until Feb 14th or will I have to do something to make sure my monthly pass is still good?