Dear Tabby: Your Commuting Questions Answered

Do you have commuting questions but nowhere to turn? In our continuing advice column series, our intrepid Commuter Cat will answer your questions and keep you moving!commuter cat 3

Today’s question is a timely one concerning Capital Metro fare changes:

It is my understanding that the prices for passes will change sometime this month (Jan 2014). If I buy a Cap Metro monthly local pass ($30) on January 14th, will that pass continue to be good until Feb 14th or will I have to do something to make sure my monthly pass is still good?”

There are a few changes coming for bus and train commuters this month; the new MetroRapid route 801 will start running, fares will change, and commuters will be able to use a new Capital Metro app to buy tickets.

So what does that mean for commuters who have purchased a pass before the new rates kick in? John Julitz at Capital Metro told us that all local and regional passes and stored value cards will continue to work until they expire, even after the fare changes. That means that any pass purchased before January 20 will continue working until its normal expiration date, without you having to do anything extra.

However, current Flyer Route passengers will need to upgrade their local passes to Premium after January 26. Commuters who ride the 1L and 101 routes will also need to upgrade to a Premium pass starting January 26, since MetroRapid will replace those two routes. If you’re a rider who needs to upgrade, you can do so by going into the Capital Metro Transit Store at 209 W. 9th Street.

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