Austin’s First Month of Bike Share!

We are now a month into our very own bike share extravaganza. So, what’s Austin’s response to this unique new commuting option been like? Movability Staff caught up with Austin B-Cycle to dig into the numbers behind its first month. As you can see, Austin is falling in love with bike share. Check out these numbers:

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We also wanted to get some first reactions from new users of the bike share system. Staff camped out at a few stations to talk to bike share users. One of our person-on-the-street interviews was with Cara, who says


“It’s so easy to use! You get a bell, a light and a basket! Anyone can do this.”

Cara Bike Share Dec 2013











And Mark, an annual member who took his first ride this week, says

“It was great! They are super sturdy and the seats are comfy. Great way to get across the river, dock, and continue on foot!”

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Share your experience – just add your thoughts in the comment section below and we will make sure Austin B-Cycle sees them.

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