UT Austin Earns Bicycle Award!

The University of Texas Austin has earned a Bronze level award for being a Bicycle Friendly University from The League of American Bicyclists!

Earning this award is no easy task. Each year the League accepts applications from aspiring universities all over the country and reviews them to make sure they are on track for creating a pleasant and safe space for those riding bikes. Movability staff caught up with UT Bike Coordinator Sam Cortez, the man behind the award, to hear his thoughts on how they got there and where they’re going.


Movability: What are two or three projects that really stand out as signature UT bike projects?

Sam: First, we have our station on Speedway “The Kickstand” where we offer free air, and bike tools as well as lights, locks, helmets, and tubes at discounted prices. And most recently we teamed up with a local League of American Bicyclists certified trainer to develop our own UT online safety training course with UT-specific information as well as the opportunity to dismiss a cycling moving violation through the course.

M: How has UT been able to improve bicycle infrastructure and education/outreach over the years to earn this status?

S: Our steady increase in amenities and services for cyclists have earned us this status. I believe that our recent recognition comes chiefly from adding over 1,000 new bike parking spaces, adding bike pumps and Kickstand hours (UT’s Bike Hub) as well as our 24 hour fix-it station, sponsoring The Orange Bike Project, and finally developing our online safety course.

M: What do you have in store for the future?

S: A bigger educational push with signage at bike racks for example. Also, we will continue to add parking in high demand areas as well as more fix-it stations so people can do quick repairs at any time of the day.

Great job UT, keep up the good work!

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