How do you Take 7,000 Cars off Local Roads?

More and more local employers are beginning to understand their role in our city’s traffic problem. Just ask Central Texas’ largest and highest profile employer, Dell. Dell recently set a goal to have half its workforce work from home by 2020. Dell employs about 14,000 locally, so that means roughly 7,000 vehicles off our local streets and highways.

“We had a lot of greenhouse gas emissions reduced,” says Dell’s Vice President of Corporate Responsibility Trisa Thompson of the impact of the 20 percent of Dell’s workforce that already telecommutes. “It was about 6,735 metric tons of CO2 last year.”

Thompson says productivity has actually gone up with remote workers.

“People were hesitant at first to say ‘Are people really going to work when they’re at home?’ And they do,” Thompson says. “Productivity goes up and it increases your recruiting and retention ability, and that’s huge for every employer here in Austin. And at the same time it benefits our city,” she said.

Dell isn’t alone. A new report recently released backs up what many already know: allowing employees flexibility in their working arrangements pays off for both the employee and employer.

traffic jamFast Facts:

• 80 percent of companies in the U.S. offer some flexibility to employees, whether in start/stop times or allowing telework a few times per week/month.

• Custom programs work best! One size doesn’t fit all. Tailor programs to fit

your company culture.

• 50 percent of companies offer telework on an ad-hoc basis (employees decided when they need/want to work from home).

• 50 percent of companies offer compressed work weeks (work 40 hours in four days).

• Most companies DO NOT offer training to employees or managers on how to

be productive with a flexible schedule. Training is important, and Movability Austin can help your employer with that!


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