First Ever Video Wiggle!


The idea of the “Wiggle” began in San Francisco where cyclists share a famous winding route for getting through the hilly divide. We also create favored paths to repeat destinations, which become so routine to us we don’t think twice as we go along. These routes often help us avoid scary intersections, high-traffic streets, or killer hills in favor of something more pleasant and user-friendly.

John at Rocket Electrics show us how to Wiggle from East Riverside to South Congress in this video. Many of you are probably quite familiar  with how hilly this part of town is, but as you’ll see, these hills are no match for an e-bike!

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2 Responses to First Ever Video Wiggle!

  1. Eric Anderson says:

    A small variation at Alameda: Academy is an unknown link to Congress. A two-way cycletrack along Riverside Drive from Travis Heights to Academy at Alameda would not only serve East Riverside to South Congress axis but better connect IH35 to Eastside Drive via Edgecliff

    • John says:

      Hey Eric. True you can use Academy to get to South Congress. The reason I did not offer that is there has yet to be a paved connection where Academy dead ends into E Riverside. If they built a cycle-track there would by nice or even just a simple improvement of quality and connections of sidewalks. Amazing how little thought was ever put into walking and bike infrastructure, especially considering how cheap it is to create and you have all the equipment there whilst building the roads. Thanks for the note. Onward!