Love at First Commute: Local Celebrities Tell All!

It may surprise you to learn that some Austin celebs love having transportation options. We at Movability Austin thought you might enjoy learning why these celebrities sometimes ditch their cars, so we caught up with a few to find out. If anyone sees Matthew McConnaughey let him know we still want his boat commuter story. The same goes for Sandra Bullock riding the bus. In the meantime, here are a few surprising local stars.


Pam LeBlanc – author of the Fit City blog on

Pam LeBlanc biking

“Five years ago I went cold turkey and started riding my bike to work – and swim practice – most days. It makes me feel like a kid again, plus it’s    improved my baseline fitness level.

While other people wallow in traffic, I tear along the hike and bike trail, counting turtles, crunching over acorns and waving at my fellow commuters. I get to feel the change of seasons, watch the progress of downtown construction projects and use my muscles.

It’s satisfying to get where I need to go without a motor, and downright exciting that I only have to fill up my car’s gas tank once every two months.”




Scott Fisher– your local weather authority on Fox 7:

scottfisher“I don’t do traffic. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. While I understand that traffic in Austin may be a given, it does not have to be ME fighting that traffic! That is why I enjoy riding a Cap Metro bus to and from work once or twice a week.

As the Chief Meteorologist for FOX 7 News, I am used to “talking weather” during our 5pm and 9pm News Broadcasts.

Lately, I find myself chatting it up with my fellow riders. We talk Austin heat. We talk Austin’s drought. We talk about the occasional floods. I have found most riders to be engaging and interesting, and I enjoy the questions I get. And the stares too!

Sometimes during a quiet commute, I get quizzical looks, but no chit-chat. But on my way off the bus I smile and make eye contact….and then I get a few “I KNEW that was you” shouts! All in a day’s work. And commute!


Lindsey Verill – Cellist, banjo-ist & upright bassist for Dana Falconberry, Weird Weeds, and Some Say Leland:

Lindsey VNot only are Lindsey’s musical skills an inspiration, she is also a diehard bicycle commuter. She even commutes with the tools of her trade –an upright bass or cello – with her on her bike.

“These days I’m playing my cello a lot more. I carry it on my bike in a backpack to shows. It’s awesome, and a really good solution for me especially for events like SXSW. Bicycling is way more convenient than anything else. I frequently beat my band mates to gigs. Recently, I biked to ACL and parked right at the stage. My band mates were an hour behind me, looking for parking!”

On what prompted her to start biking to gigs downtown, she says “It costs so much to park downtown. Biking lets me cruise right up and park anywhere, and it’s free. Also, I get exercise. It’s really good for my health and I just like bicycling.”

You can catch this cycling musician December 14 at the Cactus Café.


Terry Grier- local blogger, insurance agent and  Tweeter extraordinaire:

terry grier

Terry is a CapMetro power user, making the most of the RedLine and Express Buses. Here’s how he likes to pass the time.

“As an insurance agent I spend most of my time meeting clients either at their office, for lunch, or at a coffee shop. It can be a challenge to leave the car behind and commit to public transportation but it is something that I embrace and take pride in doing.

Lakeline station is my home base and I either take the Redline or a 987 bus into the city. I cherish this time and use it to focus and mentally prepare for my day. I listen to Radio Paradise and review my calendar and task list. The freeing feeling of not having to stress about driving leaves me in a proper frame of mind to face the day. You should try it!”


Owen Snell- Landscape Architect at dwg and adventure lover:

 Owen“As a landscape architect whose practice focuses on the urban realm, my bicycle commute to work each day has made me more aware of my neighborhood and city surroundings. I am able to see and appreciate the changes of each neighborhood I ride through – from a neighbors’ new cauliflower garden to a pop-up book trade box on a quiet side street.

These personal experiences are possible when commuting by bike, and have transformed my commute from a chore to a mini daily adventure.

For two years I lived ½ mile from my job and only rode my bike to work a handful of times because we had excessive parking available. I now live five miles from work and ride every day because parking is expensive downtown – as it is in every city.

Thankfully, Austin has made a conscious effort to expand and connect our city with miles of bike lanes. I appreciate these additions to our transportation network and look forward to discovering more of our city on my bike commute.

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