Looking Forward to Construction on MoPac?

mopac 1Express Lane Construction Starts December 2013

What are you going to do when construction begins in December for both north and southbound

MoPac, between SH 183 and Koenig/Northland/2222? Do you have a good commuting

First, here is the 411 on what will happen with MoPac:

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) hired CH2M HILL to design and build
Express Lanes on north MoPac from Lady Bird Lake to Parmer Lane. You can count on
construction through 2015, assuming no significant delays in work.

According to CTRMA’s website “the Mobility Authority and TxDOT are requiring that all travel
lanes remain open during daytime hours. In rare instances a construction related problem could
lead to an unexpected lane closure. In an effort to prevent such situations, CH2M HILL will face
financial penalties any time lanes are closed outside of the approved timeframe. Despite these
restrictions and a concerted effort to keep traffic moving, drivers should still anticipate
slowdowns once construction begins.

Estimated project length: Approximately 11 miles, from Parmer Lane to Cesar Chavez Street,
with a transition to the existing lanes south of Lady Bird Lake.

More information about the MoPac Improvement Project can be viewed here.

mopac 2So what will the construction pain get us?

CTRMA says the Express Lanes will substantially improve travel for some drivers and transit
services – more on this in a moment – and the work will also include bicycle and pedestrian
improvements, plus the construction of sound walls to mitigate roadway noise in nearby

The MoPac managed lanes are a departure from our usual highway construction projects.
Managed lanes are typically created in congested corridors to provide travel options by setting
aside lanes for high occupancy vehicles (HOV), including transit, trucks and toll-paying vehicles,
depending on the solution needed for a specific roadway.

Capital Metro is preparing to provide faster transit services (express routes that use the new
MoPac managed lanes directly into downtown via Cesar Chavez or 5th Street) to cut travel times

A partnership of agencies is looking at new technologies that would allow the managed lanes to
work as High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes where cars with two, three, or four passengers
could get a discount on the cost to use the managed lanes.

Learn more here.

You can avoid the pain and get ready for “future MoPac.”
Fewer cars on MoPac during rush hour is the only way to manage the pain of  construction-related gridlock. That means fewer people driving alone at exactly the same time.  To find your transit ride, check out Capital Metro.

If you want to arrange or offer rides to others, let Carma or RideScout help. Movability can help you figure out options that will work
for you such as starting/joining a carpool, using express bus options, leaving earlier or later and many other options. We can also work with your employer so they can help you deal with the new pain.

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