Health Bit:Your Magic Pill to Better Health

If a pill existed that would lower your cholesterol, reduce your risk for heart disease, help you lose weight and gain muscle, help your joints, improve your ability to concentrate and overall mental health, would you take that pill tomorrow? Many of you probably would!


The great news is, that ‘pill’ exists and you can ‘take it’ today! It’s walking! Just ordinary, plain ole, vanilla walking can vastly improve your health.

 “A recent study of 4,297 Texans compared their health with the distances they commuted to and from work. It showed that as these distances increased, physical activity and cardiovascular fitness dropped, and blood pressure, body weight, waist circumference and metabolic risks rose.”

Check out this video by Everybody Walk about the many benefits of walking and how you can integrate a bit of walking into your day no matter what your fitness level is now. We’ll list a few of the more insightful tips to whet your appetite!

  • Can’t walk 30 minutes continuously? Try walking for six minutes five times per day.
  • Walking to the bus or train stop may seem like trivial exercise, but that is far from the case! People using transit and walking weigh six to 10 pounds less.
  • Do you have a day of the week that’s hard to make it to the gym? Take the bus or train! Even that little bit of walking to your stop is good for you.
  • Walk to lunch rather than drive.
  • Walking is also social! Walking allows you to run into friends you haven’t seen in a while and catch up.

Let’s all get out there and walk today! You can watch the full video for more on the importance of walking and how you can get started.

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