Companies Causing Co-Motion

Movability Austin is lucky to work with some really great downtown employers and employees. Here’s a snapshot of what our staff and members were up to this week.

Maxwell Locke & Ritter

Movability Austin and Maxwell Lock & Ritter held the first ever Transit to Happy Hour event! Employees curious about using the train were invited to jump onboard and learn firsthand just how easy it is to use. At the Crestview RedLine stop these happy commuters got to fill up with food and beer, making for a great learning experience! 

MLR train HH

Travis County

Staff teamed up with the Travis County HR department to talk to employees about all the commute benefits they are eligible for, and how they can enroll and start receiving those benefits. The employees were excited to get started buying transit passes pre-tax! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of saving a few dollars. Travis County also plans to implement a pilot program to give employees free bus and rail passes to get in and out of downtown. As you can imagine, employees were anxious to hear more details and sign up. The free passes will be available just in time for employees to take advantage of MetroRapid.

Travis county


Hilton Hotels

Staff attended the Hilton Employee Benefit fair where we talked with employees about how they commute into work now and if they might like to use commute options. Many employees were interested in saving money and doing something good for their health or the environment by using commute options!

 Does your employer host fun & informative Commute Events? Tell us about them! Do you wish your employer hosted commuter events? Tell them about Movability Austin!

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