The Uses for Bike Share That No One Saw Coming

The Uses for Bike Share That No One Saw Coming.

Clever bike share users from all over the world are finding unique ways to make the most of bike share. We can’t wait to see how Austin residents will keep it weird when we launch bike share in December! Let us know the fun and creative things you might do using bike share.

In the meantime here are some fun, ingenious, crazy examples from across the nation of the unexpected ways people use bike share.


New York City

Citi Bike NYC is the largest bike share system in the U.S. with over 6,000 bikes in daily use by more than 21,000 members. With that many bicycles, there are bound to be some unique trips. Here are just a few.

Recently during Fashion Week in NYC, fashionistas from all over the world used bike share to get to and from their many shows all over Manhattan. They were even matching their outfits with the bikes and sharing fashion tips on how to best use bike share (one tweet suggested “trade in 7in heels for 5in”). .


Tyrone Williams is testing the limits of bike share.  This civic minded New Yorker is using bike share to offer a free spin class for the homeless. Yes, a spin class.


Even Leonardo DiCaprio loves bike share! Should someone say something to him about texting and driving?



Washington D.C.

Athletes all over the world should sit in awe of this fellow who decided to compete in a triathlon using Capital Bike! He may have racked up the biggest bill ever in bike share history, but he has a great story.



The Windy City’s bike share system, Divvy, gets Rahm Emmanuel around for the daily duties of running a metropolis.


Bike share is now rivaling the briefcase as a standard business accessory.



Bike Share even went to the Olympics! London hosted the Olympic Games last year and bike shared proved to be an essential tool for getting spectators to the games.




Colorado has experienced some massive flooding over the past month and Boulder’s bike share system took a hit. Who would have ever thought it could take a licking like this and survive?!


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