See it. Report it. Get it Fixed

Most of us have heard of 311 right? You call, ask questions, file complaints, report problems regarding pretty much everything the city does or owns.

If you haven’t realized it, 311 also gives you the power to improve your bike, walk, and transit commute. Is there a branch blocking a sidewalk, a pothole or debris in the bike lane, light out at your bus stop? Dial 311 and the problem is reported to the appropriate department to get it fixed!  Voila, reporting is just that easy.

There are 3 ways to connect to 311:

  1. Just dial 311 on your phone and you will be connected to an operator who will record your issue.
  2. Email the location and a description of your issue to
  3. Enter your request online in this easy to use form.

You’ll be given a tracking number that you can refer to if you ever want to check back in on the progress of your request. In 2015, 311 will be debuting a mobile app that will make entering service requests even easier. Let’s all be the eyes on the street and keep our options working well for everyone!

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