RideScout and SXSW Eco Pair Up for Winning Transit Solution


RideScout makes it easy for people to choose how they travel, when they want to travel.  It is freedom.  It is empowering.  And, it is as easy as selecting your current location, typing where you want to go and tapping the search rides button.


When you download the app, you can search for all kinds of ride options in Austin and other cities across the country. You can choose from public, private and social options including rail, bus, taxi, Car2Go, even rides from friends (and where available SideCar, Bandwagon or Silvercar). No more flipping between various transportation apps trying to decide on the best option. We make it easy for you to make an informed decision about your transportation in seconds.

So with thousands of people coming into town last week for SXSW Eco, SXSW and RideScout joined forces to make transportation just a little bit easier. No need to worry about getting from the airport to your home for the week? Ridescout allows you to check out Bandwagon or Silvercar and you get a discount as well.

Need to get around Austin city center? Try out Car2Go, which allows you to drive without worrying about parking, pedicabs or taxis. All can be found with a five second search in RideScout’s iPhone or Android app.

When you choose to use social transportation options, you are making the world a better place by reducing cars and congestion on the road. And hundreds of SXSW Eco attendees tested the app, found how many travel options are available in ATX and shared their experience with friends!

Download the app on iPhone or Android to get started.

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