Real Time Transit Info Coming Your Way

Coming your way, in 2014, with the release of MetroRapid comes real time info on all MetroRapid buses as well as RedLine trains. This means you will know exactly when your bus or train will arrive at a particular stop. Picture this: You’re at home, getting ready for work, sipping a cup of home brew. You glance at your phone briefly to see when MetroRapid will be at your stop, CapMetro’s app tells you 17 minutes. Just enough time to put on your shoes, walk to your stop and catch your ride into work. No more arriving 15 minutes early. Gone are the days of schedules and time tables! The future brings you REAL TIME TRANSIT INFO! CapMetro is currently developing all of the platforms where you’ll find this real time info (desktop website, mobile site, kiosks at transit stops).  We thought we’d make their job a little easier and ask our tech savvy readers what you want to see in a real time app. We hope that you can take a couple of minutes and provide us with some feedback in the comment section below, we’ll pass it along to CapMetro!

  • What are the most important pieces of information (other than times) you would like to see?
  • What are the most important design features you would like to see? (e.g. map, simple interface, etc.)


If you want to learn more about what other cities real time apps are like, check out all that NYC has to offer.


4 Responses to Real Time Transit Info Coming Your Way

  1. john jolly says:

    Please make sure that one can access 1) a map showing other routes, and 2) all other routes’ schedules. Thanks!

  2. David Wittie says:

    1. What is the accessibility of the bus stop and adjoining sidewalks (i.e. “connectedness”) for persons in wheelchairs?
    2. Is there space for my wheelchair on the bus, i.e. are the two wheelchair slots already occupied before the bus arrives at my stop?
    3. Will the real time information on the apps, desktops, etc., be accessible to and usable by persons with visual impairments?

    Real time information on the two conditions described above can help me make better, more informed, decisions on whether or not I should make alternate transportation choices, choose an alternate route, or travel at another time or go someplace else.

  3. Julian Hall says:

    That would be great to check my computer for real time info so I know when to get to the bus stop without being to early or to late.

  4. Julie says:

    Estimated arrival times to “major” intersections. I’ve seen something similar on highway road signs “from this point to such and such exit, 12 minutes.” For instance, at a stop downtown might show the estimated arrival time to Congress & Oltorf, and so on.