Pedestrians Unite!


Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, this sidewalk sure could use some work.” or “Gosh, I’d walk to work, but there’s that one really dangerous intersection.” Well, now is your opportunity to speak your mind and be heard. A Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) has been formed to give advice to City of Austin staff, make sure the pedestrian perspective is included in development projects and bring walkability issues to the forefront. Want to get involved? The PAC needs people that are passionate about walkability and energized to make Austin a better place. If that’s you, email for more information or just show up to the first PAC meeting, Tuesday October 22, 5:30-7:30pm, City Hall, in the staff bullpen. 

3 Responses to Pedestrians Unite!

  1. Patricia Todd says:

    I am still waiting for the sidewalk to be fixed on the east side of Congress just south of the Ann Richards Bridge. After tripping over a 3″ displacement of the sidewalk, falling on my face, permanently scarring my feyebrow, breaking my glasses, bruising both knees badly enough to require bed rest, tearing up my clothes, and cracking my phone, they have yet to do anything. That was 1 1/2 years ago in February. I reported it to Public Works within a day or two of it happening. Just why do you think they will listen now?

    • Glenn says:


      We sent your comment to the City and asked about the status. Here is what we have heard thus far:
      Glenn – We inspected the location this morning and only saw temporary asphalt repairs likely done by our Street & Bridge Division in Public Works that may be what is referenced below (although my division doesn’t know when they were done nor how the request was made i.e. through the city’s 311 system, by telephone or email, etc.).

      As my division is structured to provide new sidewalk construction, I have copied the program coordinator and division manager in Street & Bridge that handle sidewalk repairs who may provide further information. Thanks
      Mike, Division Manager, Neighborhood Connectivity Division (Sidewalk, Bicycle & Urban Trails Programs) Public Works Department

    • Glenn says:

      Mr. Gadbois,
      I looked in the 311 database for sidewalk repair requests associated with the 100 block of S Congress and found one associated with the decomposed granite trail. Is this the location where you fell?
      There is another location on the south end of the parking lot for the Firestone tire store where we applied a temporary asphalt repair. That’s quite a bit farther than the south end of the Ann Richards Bridge though so I’m thinking your fall occurred elsewhere.
      I’d be glad to meet with you on site if you think that would be useful. Feel free to contact me so we can arrange such a meeting.
      Colly Kreidler, Public Works Dept., Street and Bridge Operations
      Voice 512-974-7063 or