Inspiring & Informative Social Media

We, at Movability Austin, have been pleasantly surprised by new ways people are using digital media to share often amusing, sometimes insightful observations that most of us overlook as we travel.

Adopting Bus Routes

Cyclists have been prolific on Twitter for quite awhile.  Recently we are seeing several people, we don’t even really know who they are, who started @transit posts that are amusing and highlight insightful moments about their experience with other riders, the buses, car drivers and more. Here are a few of our favorites:







capmetrocutiesJournalists Start “Curbing Cars”

In their own words, “Curbing Cars: Rethinking How We Get Around is a new journalism project looking at changing attitudes toward personal transportation.”

Interestingly, this blog included a post “Learning Lessons From a Car-Free Existence In Austin,” written by an Andrew Hartford a UT Austin student contrasting his experiences growing up in San Antonio with his current “car-free” experiences in Austin.

Multimedia Project Profiles Bus Operators

Have you ever seen someone in passing on a regular basis, but never had a chance to get to know their story?  Michael Lease, Laura Browder, and Benjamin Thorp use photographs, text, and audio to create stories and portraits of Greater Richmond Transit Authority operators. This project is a fascinating opportunity to see the richness of human goodness you have been missing. We hope this inspires  talented Austinites to do a similar project here!

Deborah Hopkins: Actress,  People Lover, Bus Driver

Deborah Hopkins: Actress, People Lover, Bus Driver

One Response to Inspiring & Informative Social Media

  1. Terry Grier says:

    Thank you for posting this. I have been following, RT and being playful with my Bus Humor twitter friends for about a year now. Austin, while not perfect, is really a pretty good place to learn to get around without a car. It just takes a little bit of knowledge and experience.

    If you missed this report . “1 year on public transportation” by @dailybusrider you should review it and potentially add it to your story.
    Thanks again for acknowledging these funny and fun people. errr Buses!