Health Bit- Living Near Transit May Make You Happier

A transport policy scholar has conducted a study who’s findings can be summed up like this: living near transit means greater overall satisfaction with life.

HealthbitphotoThe research focused the Hiawatha line on the 12-mile stretch of rail in Minneapolis that runs between downtown and the Mall of America, where weekend ridership has already exceeded ridership predictions by 30 percent.

Cao sent questionnaires to households along the corridor. Respondents were asked to rate the quality of transit in their area, as well as their quality of life. Cao sent the same questionnaire to four other corridors: two in urban areas with transit but no rail, and two in suburbs with similar demographics but no transit at all.

The people in the Hiawatha corridor had higher ratings on questions related to the quality of their lives compared to people in the other four corridors.

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