Can A Road Have A Metamorphosis?

Can A Road Have A Metamorphosis?

Ok so what would you call it when a road changes so radically that its parallel in nature is the change from a caterpillar to a butterfly?  The changes on Guadalupe and Lavaca have us asking this question. First, the new Rapid Bus services running on North and South Lamar will pass through downtown on Guadalupe and Lavaca. Capital Metro is already building their Rapid Bus transit stops along the route.  But there is more.


Transit Priority Lanes
In the downtown area, the approved Downtown Plan identified some streets as car priority, others as transit or bicycle priority streets, all as way to get more people into downtown efficiently. So now the City is working to re-create Guadalupe and Lavaca as the first ever corridor with transit and bicycle priority lanes.

Mid-September and mid-October crews are resurfacing Guadalupe and Lavaca Streets from Cesar Chavez Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.  As they do the resurfacing, they will restripe for Transit Priority Lanes in preparation for MetroRapid.


This means some parking is no longer feasible and thus creates a space where only pedestrian or cycling improvements can fit. You can view the plan here.

Drivers, Cyclists, Pedestrians and More
The right most travel lanes on Guadalupe and Lavaca will become the Transit Priority Lanes and travel in these lanes will be restricted to transit vehicles and cars making right turns. By concentrating transit in this lane, the Transit Priority Lanes will help organize travel and move more people efficiently. As many as 60 buses per hour are planned to operate during rush hour, carrying twice as many people as the adjacent automobile lane.

Drivers will benefit from a safer, more organized travel stream for all modes: car, bus and bike.  The transit priority lane will eliminate the need for buses to obstruct the travel lane during loading and unloading. Cars may still enter the lanes (generally within 100-feet of an intersection) to make right turns, but will not be allowed to drive in them.

Parking on the right side of the street will be eliminated to avoid potential bus/car conflicts. Of the nearly 3,000 on-street parking spaces in downtown, approximately 3 percent (95 parking spaces) will be removed.  Delivery vehicles, valet and taxis will need to use side streets to load or unload.

Cyclists will use the former parking lane to the right of the Transit Priority Lanes as a dedicated “bicycle-only lane” until the “Great Streets” concept of wider sidewalks for pedestrians is funded and constructed, at which time a narrowed bicycle lane would still be maintained.  Signage and street striping will inform cyclists to yield to MetroRapid vehicles.

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2 Responses to Can A Road Have A Metamorphosis?

  1. james says:

    I predict a LOT of bicycle/bus conflict with this design and 1 bus per minute.

  2. GUY LOWE says:

    I am one of your BRT trainers/safety committee memebers and this is 1 great ideal I love it and it is a very safe way for both the bicycle and buses