Want Good Carma? Put Your Empty Seats to Good Use!

Want Good Carma? Put Your Empty Seats to Good Use!

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Now that you are inspired by San Francisco’s love of options, we want to introduce you to a new carpooling app that has landed in Austin and will be promoted in the coming months. Carma is now the “go to” app in the Bay area for real-time carpooling. It connects drivers with empty seats to those seeking a ride, allowing people to share transportation costs, have fun along the way, and enjoy the flexibility of real-time scheduling. Just download the Carma app, enter your typical commute route, and schedule! Carma will suggest nearby people you can share a ride with.

Movability staff were curious about how useful the app really is, so we set up a trip as if we were a Bay area commuter.  We were instantly matched with at least three different drivers going our same route for each day of the week!

Needless to say, we are excited for the Carma network to bring us a flexible commuting option that reduces the number of cars on the road.  You can look forward to it launching January 2014.  Until then, Carma will be running a small pilot this fall.  If you’re an employer or employee interested in using Carma to match rideshares within your company, or you want to learn about being a founding member of the Carma Austin network, email Austin@car.ma.


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