Show Us How You Wiggle!

The idea of the “Wiggle” began in San Francisco where cyclists share a famous winding route for getting through the hilly divide. We also create favored paths to repeat destinations, which become so routine to us we don’t think twice as we go along. These routes often help us avoid scary intersections, high-traffic streets, or killer hills in favor of something more pleasant and user-friendly.


nadiaSo…I leave from my house on Jain every day and cross Airport at Bolm Road.  Then I take Bolm to Springdale, and then right on Lyons past Pleasant Valley to Pedernales.  Then Pedernales to Webberville.  I cross 7th Street and jog over to Robert T. Martinez.  Then I take Robert T. to 4th Street.  (Sometimes, if I’m feeling fast and furious, I’ll take Robert T. to 2nd to Waller to Cesar Chavez to Congress).  Then 4th to Brazos, Brazos to 3rd.

The real reason I go this way now-adays is just to ride on that one pristine block on 3rd Street that gives me that “ahhhh” feeling of being separated from the cars.  I also like to check and make sure no valet is parking in the eastbound portion and I like to smile and wave and let everyone know how awesome the cycletrack is.  Then I take 3rd to Congress.  I often see other bicycle-folk and friends meeting at Medici on my way to work and I can smile and wave at them too.  Then Congress over the lake (which is usually quite nice).

Before I turn right onto Barton Springs, I take a moment to remember “Chops” Ramirez.  I didn’t know him, but from what I understand he was just starting to use a bicycle for transportation and I often think, “what am I going to do today to prevent another senseless death like that one?”  It is kind of a hard way to start your day, but the white bike serves as that reminder every day as I go into the office.  Then I turn onto Riverside and then Haywood and into the garage of OTC.  We have nice covered parking in the parking garage and a shower on the 8th floor.

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