Safe? Not With Austin’s Drivers and It’s Getting Worse

KUT recently covered a report from Allstate Insurance ranking cities on how frequently drivers had crashes.  Austin ranked 155th of the 200 cities included in the study, down  from 149th last year.

Photo from KUT

Photo from KUT

Safety is a personal concern, but one shared by a lot of people. High crash rates raise insurance costs for everyone. They also mean hundreds, even thousands, of other drivers are delayed every time there is a crash. Then, of course, there are the suffering and emotional trauma that ripples through families and circles of friends.

On average, every 7.8 years an Austin driver will be involved in a crash. Compare that with other major Texas cities’ rankings:

  • El Paso: 76th, with an average of 9.7 years between accidents
  • San Antonio: 141st, averaging 8.2 years between accidents
  • Houston: 151st, going 8 years between accidents
  • Austin: 155th, going 7.8 years between accidents
  • Dallas: 170th, going 7.4 years between accidents

Based on 2013 research here is a comparison of your risk of a fatal crash by travel option:









“One might argue that transportation equipment, and in particular the motor vehicle, must be the most dangerous machines that we interact with on a daily basis,” the researcher states. “The annual toll in motor vehicle crashes exceeds the deaths resulting from the next most dangerous mechanical device, firearms, by about 40%.”

Help everyone get to work and home again safely, consider using transit more often and when you do drive here are some safe driving tips.

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