Health Bit: Public Transit Keeping You Healthy!

capmetro-busWhat if improving your health and mental well-being were as easy as riding the bus? A recent study shows 5 ways that riding the bus can do just that. Yes, it really is as simple as riding the bus!

Here’s how!

1)    Public transit users are more active, weighing 5-9 lbs less than the “average” driving women or man.

2)    Buses are safer than cars, bus riders are 10 times less likely to suffer from a crash.

3)    Public transportation reduces the stress of driving and the frustrations of traffic delays.

4)    Buses keep the air cleaner, helping reduce asthma causing pollutants

5)    Riding public transportation saves enough money for a great vacation or a couple of mortgage payments each year.


So, let someone else do the driving, buy yourself something nice with all that money you save and enjoy the benefits of a stress free commute!

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