Bus Rapid Transit: Getting you Downtown in a Flash

What if you could zip through the morning traffic that stacks up around downtown? Just cruise right on through, catching every green light, sipping your morning coffee and getting a head start on email. Does that sound like a dream come true? We’re here to tell you, that dream will be a reality in just […]

What A Rush…

This past May, members of Livable Streets and the Somerville Biking Committee pitted different modes of transportation against one another in a race to get through the notorious Boston rush hour traffic.  The Rush Hour Race challenged a cyclist, a runner, an inline skater, a driver in a personal vehicle, and a T rider (“T” […]

God Gave Me A Parking Space

The Austin Post carried a great article last month: The Pain of Downtown Parking: Monster or Myth?  That got Movability wanting to weigh in. Let’s start with a little make believe scenario that we are sure none of our readers have ever experienced. So, you just drove your car downtown because you were running late […]