Where, Oh Where, Shall Bike Share Go?

bikshare outreachAs readers of this fine newsletter, we know how savvy you are when it comes to choosing and using options. That’s why we would like to direct your attention to Bike Share for a moment. The City of Austin is asking the public (YOU!) to give input on where you would like to see the new bike share stations placed. So, be sure to give them all of your brilliant ideas and vote for others that share your brilliance! You can even vote on the color of the bikes – how fun!!

Vote here now!


2 Responses to Where, Oh Where, Shall Bike Share Go?

  1. Daisy Undercuffler says:

    A bike share station at The Four Seasons Hotel would give both our cities visitors and locals a GREAT way to enjoy the trail and downtown! You can reach me at the concierge desk if I can help in any way!

    • glenn says:

      Great idea! I can’t wait to hear how many people come talk to you about the Bike Share. Snap some photos of your guests (and staff) using bike share and send them our way!