The Many ways to Love Carsharing

There is no right or wrong when it comes to enjoying the many benefits of carsharing!

We, Movability Austin staff, use car2go or zipcar mainly when we are running late for a midday meeting; it’s so convenient to pick up a car within a block of our office and get going in less than a minute!  Ed at Mutual Mobile uses car2go for his commute downtown into work from his house just a few miles away. He enjoys the easy and free parking when using car2go and generally avoids the heavy traffic. We’ve also heard that students use zipcars to move their few worldly belongings at the end of a semester. All these examples of ways to carshare got us wondering, “What are all of the creative, clever, even crazy ways people use carsharing?” We looked to social media and found some great insight into what people are doing…

twitter carshare

Some people are combining several options – mixing and matching. We read about a guy who used a CitiBike (bike share) to pick up a car to catch a plane for a quick overnight trip, while another frequently gets around combining transit and carshare. One zipcar user even noted that an average sized bike will fit in the back of a Mini Cooper! We found that people use the cars to go shopping, to cart around pals for group lunch outings, and even take weekend trips with their family! One of our favorite situations is when folks use carsharing to problem solve. So here, word for word, are some of the more interesting examples from Twitter:

When it’s almost impossible to get a cab and the night buses are full at #sxsw, @zipcar saves the day.

Driving & parking in dtown has never been easier w car2go

And if I can’t get a car2go near the capital at midnight, I’m going to need one of you to give me a ride. The rest-send bourbon. [Although we trust she did not drink the bourbon before driving.]

Let us know how you use your favorite carshare and we will do a follow up story!

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