The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Transit

photo via Capital Metro

photo via Capital Metro

Most of us have beliefs that we hold as truths and rarely question. These truths are not necessarily controversial; they may be everyday things that settled in our brain a long time ago and have not been reconsidered since. In The Stories We Tell Ourselves, we will present some common assumptions we’ve heard from friends and colleagues regarding everyday travels and take a closer look to get you thinking about, and reconsidering, some long held notions you may have about the way you commute. This week we tackle the bus!

People like ME don’t ride the bus!

Are you female, male, young, old, short, tall, middle class, affluent or struggling on cash flow a bit? Then there are people just like you on the bus!

Are you a guy?

Guess what? More women ride the bus than men and it is much easier to talk with someone on the bus than in a bar.

Are you young?

Then you probably know all about riding the bus. Studies show that people age 16-32 are driving less and relying on public transit more.

Do you own a car?

Did you know that almost half (45%) of bus riders own a car? They sure do, but why then are they using the bus? Cars aren’t that great for every single trip we make. As we found out last week, sometimes they can be the source of frustration.

The bus is always late!

We understand there is nothing more frustrating than getting to your stop on time, just to find that the bus is late or has just left. That can ruin anyone’s experience with the bus as a convenient option. While there will be times when the bus is While there will be times when the bus is late (they too get stuck in traffic), for the most part, the buses run on time, like a fine Swiss watch! And next year, CapMetro will begin providing real-time information on the new MetroRapid service.

The bus doesn’t go where I need it!

While that may be the case for some of the trips you take regularly, is that the case for EVERY trip? Grocery? Movies? Work? Special events? There may just be a few trips that the bus serves you well and takes away some stress of driving, traffic and parking. Try taking the bus over the weekend and see how it works. Plan your trip here or use your favorite app to find your bus and get on your way to your favorite watering hole or coffee shop.

Are you crazy? It’s 100 degrees outside; it’s too hot to take the bus!

Ah, Austin summers they make us run for shade and cool spring water. Walking to your bus stop in the hot Austin sun can be a daunting thought, however once you step inside a cool CapMetro bus (all the A/C you can handle for just $1!) all your worries and cares float away. Buses are kept cool so that riders like yourself are very comfortable no matter where you’re going.

Have we missed something? Let us know in the comments and we may just include your ‘story’ in the next piece.

2 Responses to The Stories We Tell Ourselves: Transit

  1. Mike says:

    Buses are not private enough. I don’t relish the idea of having to sit next to a stranger who doesn’t act right, or simply acts weird. If buses were more privatized in seating, I may consider riding them. I like my personal space.

    • glenn says:

      Thanks for the comment Mike. Most bus riders keep to themselves, just like i’m sure you do. Pop on some headphones and you’ll feel like you’re all alone in your own private limousine! Or, if not, perhaps another mode is more enjoyable for you….a bicycle can provide you some solitude.