Rallyhood: A Tale of a Downtown Tech Business Changing the Mobility Landscape

rallyhood - walk to work - final!!!

Rallyhood is Movability’s newest member! We are thrilled to have yet another employer on board that truly understands their role in improving the quality of life for their employees, as well as the vitality of Downtown Austin, by embracing Austin’s commute options. We recently chatted with Rallyhood’s VP, Leah Heck, to dig into their culture.

Rallyhood is cloud-based community collaboration platform designed to take the chaos and frustration out of organizing a group by making it easy and fun for people to come together and get things done.

Q: Is alternative transportation a company value? 

While alternative transportation isn’t specifically listed as a company value, we all have gained so much by having options. It was an issue when we looked to move offices – we didn’t want to leave downtown because there is so much going on here and it is easier for our people to maintain their commuting options.

Q: How has the company been able to hire so many fun people that use options? 

I think because our mission is to make it easier for groups to have better shared experiences, we attract the type of person that understands how we all contribute to a better society. Using alternative transportation options helps everyone in the long run and our employees support that.

Being centrally located really helps and it makes us all feel great to keep our footprint to a minimum. Plus it has allowed us to be more flexible in our choice of office space because we’re not limited to options with parking.

At Rallyhood, a majority of employees use options to get into downtown. Movability asked them about their love of options:

Mark rides the bus: “It’s great that riding the bus is free with my UT EID Card. I don’t miss trying to find a parking spot downtown and having to pay for parking.”

Lori walks (and listens to music): “I walk to work and there are many things I get from it… saving money, fitness, less stress, more focus. But mostly, I love the sense of community. I meet the shop workers, the baristas, and other walkers along the way. We begin to say “hi” to one another. I feel more connected to Austin.”

Molly rides her bike: “As a walker/cyclist, at least one stranger smiles and says ‘good morning’ to me every day. Also, I get to see baby squirrels, read flyers, and hear the sounds of the city. I feel more connected to my community outside of my car than I ever did sitting in traffic, plus, it’s free!”

Kelli walks (and talks): “I enjoy walking to work because it’s my guaranteed opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Having the windows down in my car is just not the same. Also, not having to pay for parking is an added bonus!”

Leah walks (and texts): “My husband and I recently moved downtown and have been surprised at how much is available within walking distance. I barely get in my car once a week now (and dread having to do it). With great programs like Zipcar and car2go, we’re even considering moving to just one car!”

Ryan rides the rail, then skates: “What I like most about the train, is how much time it saves me.  I work on my computer, so I get to start work as soon as I take my seat on the train. This gives me the ability to utilize an extra hour of time working that I would otherwise have wasted sitting in traffic. I get focused on my work, and before I know it I am downtown!  Then I hop on my skateboard and away I go. Riding my skateboard provides a feeling of freedom and independence to my day. Skating to work allows me to appreciate some fresh air as I surf the sidewalk to work. Once I get to work, I am thankful that my commute has been pleasant, and that I have a good positive start to my day!”

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