Overlooked Opportunities: How to Build A Better Bus Stop

DSC_0025Stop me if you’ve heard this one…A guy walks to a bus stop, sees only a women and stop pole, and asks the women waiting, “What, no shade, no seating, no snacks, what kind of a joint is this?” She replies, “That’s not funny,” …and neither is our joke; nor is the treatment of the many bus riders at bus stops around town. Many of CapMetro’s bus stops are uncomfortable, to say the least, especially in this summer heat. However, there’s a movement underfoot that just may transform a bus stop or two along the way.

Neighborhood groups are taking charge of their own bus stops by building seats, shelters, creating art and boosting community! Right here in East Austin a group called Holly Neighbors Helping Neighbors has done just that. Neighbor Elizabeth, got fed up with her bus stop on the 22 after years of having no place to sit. She gathered her neighbors to build benches, decorate them AND plant a garden nearby from which anyone can eat! The group says, “Transportation is often overlooked as a factor for an individual’s health. That is one reason we decided to plant healthy food at the stop. Also, the stop is a great visual presence for the neighborhood.” The project has been so well received they are currently thinking about bigger improvements – how about ALL the stops on the 22?

DSC_0018Do YOU have a stop that needs improvements in YOUR neighborhood? Are you an EMPLOYER looking to make a difference in your area? Why not improve a bus stop? It is such a great, high visibility and high impact way to make your mark! Send us pictures when you’ve completed your stop and we may just write a story about YOU!

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