Make your Commute More Awesome!

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Don’t just sit there (in traffic) – perk up your morning commute with these tips.

  1. Commute Nicer: Studies show that people who drive and commute alone have high stress levels, while people who bike to work, ride the bus, walk or carpool with friends/family are healthier, live longer lives and are happier because of it!
  2. Commute Together: Dining out is great, but made better with a friend. Ping pong is a blast, but way more fun with a partner. Well, same goes for your commute! Making your morning commute social sure beats the solo drive. Start a carpool at work or use to find out how to join one; strike up a conversation with someone on the bus, walk or ride with coworkers – a little interaction is a great way to kick-start an awesome day!
  3. Commute for Discovery: When was the last time you explored the neighborhoods, shops, or parks along your commute? Discovery affords you the opportunity to find pleasure, joy, excitement, a laugh, and inspiration – all the things that make a day awesome. Art in Public Places, Austin Parks Foundation, Art Alliance Austin , Ghisallo Foundation, The Trail Foundation, and The Waller Creek Conservancy are just some of the amazing organizations around town contributing to vast improvements in our local routes, giving us fun sites to see and explore around Austin.
  4. Reward Yourself: If you’ve used a travel option to get into work, maybe you completed some tasks along the way, got in a bit of morning exercise or relaxed and enjoyed the ride. Whatever the case may be, stop to smell the roses and recognize the big favor you have done for the entire city! Don’t just rush into the office as if you drove alone, treat yourself to a reward! Enjoy a few minutes outside, pick up a special coffee, stash your breakfast bar for another day and grab your favorite breakfast before work! …And if you’re in the City Hall neighborhood on August 1, we strongly encourage you to stop by our Pop Up Commuter Breakfast to enjoy our way of saying thanks to all you savvy commuters!

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