It’s Not You, It’s Me: A Break-up Story

saturnWhat if we told you that it’s okay to be non-committal when it comes to owning a car? It’s okay to be unattached, it’s okay to mix and match modes for different occasions! For today’s car-lite inspiration, we bring you a blog about a breakup between a driver and their Saturn. Don’t worry though, the story has a happy ending, although I don’t want to spoil it – it includes saving money, gaining more independence, freedom and other really great things we all want more of!

It begins:

I love my 2001 Saturn. Love it. 12 years of friendship. But it’s become just another complication in my life, which I’m trying to simplify. The insurance, the oil changes, the initial purchase price, fueling up at the end of a busy day, multi-hundred dollar repairs…waaahhh.

And now that I’m trying to swing living in two places at once—Seattle and Chicago—what do I do? Own two cars? Just keep the Seattle Saturn and let it molder, lonely, in the garage while I’m away?

Then …

I’m a numbers person. And I love tables, too. Also spreadsheets and bulleted lists. Long story short, here’s the bean counting:

expense chart

Check out the Tim’s blog post to find out what he does.

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