How Safe Is A car2go?

car2go articleDeath trap, killer car, death on wheels: we’ve all heard the names hurled at the SmartCar that car2go uses for their fleet of blue and white branded cars – but how true are those monikers?

It turns out these predictions are not so true. SmartCars, made by the same company that gives us Mercedes Benz, have more safety features than most cars with its safety cell, electronic stabilization, and anti-lock braking. The cars may be small, but it has a framed with a steel cage – that’s right folks; it’s NOT just plastic! – so strong that it will not crumple when a 5,600 lb Suburban is carried on top. Car2go also has safety features to keep the wee ones safe, such as anchors for a car seat .

How would a SmartCar handle a 70 mile per hour crash? The car would survive, but (just like in any vehicle) the driver or passenger’s chance of death increases as speed increases. So, make sure to keep you and your loved ones safe and sound by driving at reasonable speeds where these safety features will work best.

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