Got Moves!

movesMoves is a new app that will automatically create a diary for how you move. Your daily storyline and maps show where, when and how much walking, cycling, transit, and running you do.

Movability staff tested this app for a couple of days and it is truly easy to use. The app is always on, so there’s no need to start and stop it. Just keep your phone in your pocket or your bag.  It doesn’t tax the battery. Some of the features include:

  • Automatic recording
  • Automatic activity type recognition
  • Routes on map
  • Daily storyline with places
  • No need to start and stop
  • No need to charge and carry an extra device

We have contacted the developer, Protogeo, to see if they are willing to share aggregate data and help build a better view of just how much walking, cycling and transit use actually occurs in Austin.

Check out Moves for yourself by downloading the free iPhone app here.

What apps do you use to help motivate you to get moving?

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