Spring Cycling: East Austin is Geared Up, Are You?


Have you noticed that East Austin is rapidly becoming one of the most bike friendly neighborhoods in Austin? It’s hard not to! The increasing population of young creative residents flocking to this hip ‘hood has brought a refreshing trend in transportation where cycling rules the road. This map reflects the high rate of East Side cyclists reported in the recently released State of Bicycling report for Austin.

Does that mean the East Side is setting the standard for modern mobility? It sure does look like it – and we can’t wait to see this trend catch on all over Austin! Streets like Chicon, Manor and Springdale are ushering in a new standard for bike facilities in Austin. With the high rate of cyclists, there’s a healthy demand for bike parking and bicycle shops, which is awesome! As we dive into National Bike Month, it’s a beautiful sight to have bike corrals and new shops (CycleEast, Fast Folks Cyclery, East Side Pedal Pushers, Yellow Bike Project, Longhorn Bikes, Division 1 Bicycles) around every corner, catering to this growing movement and popular lifestyle choice.

With the Lance Armstrong Bikeway, a fairly low rate of traffic and the overall engagement and endorsement from the community, East Austin is the perfect place to get on – or BACK on – your bike! And this time of year is a great time to gear up to enjoy spring cycling! We all know these cool nights and mild days need to be taken advantage of while they last, so renew your resolution by taking your bike out!

Let us know where you like to go by bike, in East Austin or any other neighborhood, in a comment below!

2 Responses to Spring Cycling: East Austin is Geared Up, Are You?

  1. Dashiell says:

    Don’t forget Windmill Bicycles on Manor!

  2. Matthew says:

    Don’t forget Windmill Bikes at Manor and Chestnut!