Need a Buddy? Be a buddy!

Austin Bike BuddyIf you are like the majority of folks, you have probably considered biking to work, but have been deterred by a few nagging concerns: What is a safe route? How do I dress? What if I need a car once I get to work? What are the rules of the road? Well, fear no longer! A few smart and talented folks from Open Austin and the City of Austin have teamed up to bring you Austin Bike Buddy. This web service matches inexperienced riders with experienced riders who are riding the same or similar routes.

Chip Rosenthal, the sites creator, talks about the surprising ways Bike Buddy helps new bicyclists:

“I signed up on Bike Buddy as a new bike commuter because I’ve never done that before and thought I’d give it a try. I was contacted by a person whose commute is the opposite of mine, so we couldn’t ride together, but he understood the neighborhood very well. I was able to express my concerns about the route and he provided me with some safe options.”

Experienced cyclists can help newbies in any number of ways from showing them safe routes, teaching the rules of the road, helping with gear and dress selections, and more. This tool is just one of the many ways that the City and various community groups are experimenting to attract interested but hesitant people to bike more for their daily needs.

Austin Bike Buddy was launched just in time for Bike to Work Day, so find your buddy and get ready to finally have some fun with your daily commute and trade in the daily grind for a daily dose of joy. You can meet the creators of Austin Bike Buddy at an all day civic technology expo on May 23.

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