Let’s Have a Pub Crawl!


Recently we were reminded of a great article in the Austin Chronicle about their staff using transit to power a pub crawl: The No. 3 Bus Pub Crawl.

It didn’t take Movability staff long to recognize the brilliance of the idea and begin organizing a 2013 pub crawl, but we need your help!

What route? Which pubs? These are important factors, and we’d like your input.

Submit your recommendations by sending an email to Lauren@movabilityausitn.org or leave us a comment. We’ll pick the most interesting options and organize a pub crawl to take place this summer. Worry not, we will share all the great ideas we receive and everyone will be invited to go enjoy some brews. Maybe we can even get the original author, Lee Nichols, to come along with us and create our own pub crawl story!

2 Responses to Let’s Have a Pub Crawl!

  1. Melissa Zone says:

    I would like to suggest two of my favorite pubs along the #3 bus route. Baby Blues located at 8440 Burnet Road between Research and Steck; and Pour House located at 6701 Burnet Road. Keep me posted, I’d like to participate in this crawl.