“I’m a bona-fide bus rider!”

Dear Movability,

Today, I am a bus rider. Instead of drinking my coffee to calm my morning traffic nerves, I actually enjoyed my coffee while watching a little CSI! I’m hooked. Not only am I saving money and minimizing my contribution to pollution in this world…my stress is less and so is the toll driving takes on my car that just recently went over 100,000 miles.

Thank you so very much. –Carolyn

How did this mother of two from Pflugerville begin singing the praises of taking the bus and stop driving alone to work five days a week? Let’s rewind one week earlier…

Movability held “office hours” at Travis County where we invited all employees to stop by to talk about their commuting issues, or just ask us questions. We scheduled a conference room and arrived at 9am wondering if anyone would show up. They did!

April Rachel Melissa not pictured

9:05 am: Melissa, April and Rachel stop by. They recently formed a carpool and couldn’t be happier! All three wish they had thought of this sooner, but are so happy to be saving time, money and taking advantage of the “preferred” parking the County offers to carpoolers!

9:50am: David stops by to talk about bicycling. He had promised himself that he would start biking if he ever had access to a shower and locker at work. With Travis County’s recent move, he now has access to showers and lockerDavid Shores. So he is making good on his promise. David enjoys a nice 7-mile ride each way and says he saves time over his previous drive alone commute since he no longer needs to find time for exercise. Biking to work and back home provides him with two great workouts each day.

10:15am: Carolyn drops by to ask about bus commuting.  She says she’s always been interested in taking the bus, but when she started to think about how to get all of the info to make that happen (schedules, maps, times, passes), she would get overwhelmed and stop. She saw our Movability Office Hours flyer and was happy to take advantage of the great opportunity to let us help her. Together, we found an ExpressBus just a short drive from her home, where she can park and hop on the bus. This option saves Carolyn money as driving was costing her around $80 a week. She promised to follow up with Movability once she makes her first commute. Fingers crossed!

Thank you, Travis County employees, for bringing such great questions and stories! Do you want your employer to invite Movability over for  Office Hours, Lunch n Learns, or any number of other fun learning opportunities? Just let us know!

5 Responses to “I’m a bona-fide bus rider!”

  1. Mike Dahmus says:

    Why would we want to celebrate a new bus rider from Pflugerville, when Pflugerville doesn’t pay into Capital Metro? This lady is getting a free ride at the expense of Austinites – who pay almost all of Capital Metro’s bills and are getting less and less service every year.

    • glenn says:

      Hi Mike- we celebrate her because she is doing her part to get cars off the road during rush hour so that our rush hour doesn’t become rush hours. The more folks we get in buses, the less cars on the road and that is a win for all Austinites.

      • Mike Dahmus says:

        Sure. I’m glad she’s taking the bus. Wouldn’t it be even better, though, if we focused our efforts on providing transportation to the people whose taxes actually pay for it, instead of focusing on suburbanites who are getting free rides?

  2. Gia says:

    What is the overall goal and purpose for commuting? Is it to only allow those who live within the city limits the opportunity to participate in such a program and to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered? Why should one be denied the opportunity if they work within the city limits? Instead of being discouraging and an overall naysayer, one should embrace and encourage anyone who is willing to try alternative forms of transportation. Maybe for you, naysayer, your only reason for commuting is the financial benefit. Hey, that’s great if it works for you. For myself, the reasons go much further than the financial benefit I get from it. Everyone talks about the traffic here in Austin. Using sound reasoning, the more that commute the less vehicles there are on the road to contribute to the traffic…therefore reducing air pollution and the harmful impact all this pollution is doing to our environment and our atmosphere. IH35 traffic is horrible and filled with drivers who suffer from road rage. If commuting allows some of those people off our roads, then overall isn’t that better than to think about where one lives and if the city they live in contributes financially? I think the issue you have, naysayer, really isn’t with the commuter herself, but with the City of Pflugerville or any other place that doesn’t “pay into Capital Metro”. Go to their city meetings and take that up with them but let’s not blame nor discourage the individual commuter.

  3. CharlieW says:

    Way to go Big Dave keep up the good work!