Help When You Need It: CyclistLaw App

cyclistlaw app1We hope you never need this, but in case you are involved in a crash as a motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian take note.

CyclistLaw, a project of the Shefman Law Group, has created a mobile app cyclists, motorists and pedestrians can use in the event of a crash. The app was created to aid cyclists in gathering the information needed at the scene of a bicycle crash in order to protect yourself under the law. The app prompts you to collect items such as pictures, witness information, GPS location data and more. Movability contacted Lenore Shefman, who has been practicing personal injury law for over ten years (focusing her practice on bikes and motorcycles for nearly seven years) and is the force behind the app, to get more details.

Q: What sparked the creation of the CyclistLaw app?

I want to help people become their own best advocate by arming them with a tool they can use to get all the facts and not have to rely on the police or witnesses to record. My greatest frustration comes from cases where I am helpless because there is not enough information to help a client.

The app is a work of passion that took me several months to put together with developers. It was not easy and I am sure it can be improved upon. I am always seeking suggestions from users to make it as useful and helpful as possible.

cyclistlawQ: What do you hope to achieve with the app?

The power of the app is in knowing what information to record and guiding the user to get it all down. So just by downloading and reviewing the app’s “How to,” helps the person who is injured to know where to point their camera phone to record the crash. The app is easy enough to be handed off to a riding partner or witness  to assist a victim in  capturing the crash information.

The app’s benefits are sending, in real time, case information to CyclistLaw so we can start immediately assessing the crash and the injuries. Crash sites get cleaned up quickly. Getting out to the scene and knowing exactly where it happened with the GPS coordinates, etc. is super helpful for us in preparing a client’s case.

An additional feature on the app is the loyalty feature that helps users offer a reward for the recovery of lost or stolen bikes and motorcycles. When a bike or motorcycle is stolen it can have a serious negative impact on a family or individual. It can mean a loss of access to work or school and this is our attempt to try and do something to prevent that. We aren’t just lawyers for this community – we are part of it.

Q: Can the app be used for pedestrian crashes?

The app can be used for any type of crash, simply substitute some of the language of bike and/or motorcycle with pedestrian.

CyclistLaw App is available here as a free download for iPhone or Android.

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