Self-Tweeting Bikes: A SXSW Social Experiment

SocialBikeWhat a hoot, digital ad agency Razorfish is about to unveil 20 self-tweeting bicycles for SXSW! During the interactive portion of the festival, these bikes will be offered for free to share and they come with fun features including a GPS. Plus each bike has a Twitter ID and is programed to tweet about their location, the weather and local activities and attractions like Austin’s food trucks. How neat is that?!

These intelligent bikes will also have QR codes that send riders to and Razorfish has asked that riders use the hashtag #usemeleaveme in social media mentions help document the experiment.

Let us know if you see these around or catch a ride by sharing your photos with us on Facebook or @Movability!

One Response to Self-Tweeting Bikes: A SXSW Social Experiment

  1. Fred Schmidt says:

    Great idea. Will look for and try to use these bikes. Would be nice if you could “follow” all 20 with a single Twitter click rather than doing each one separately. Get someone at a 2-hour hackathon make an app for that! Cheers.