Self-Tweeting Bikes: A SXSW Social Experiment

What a hoot, digital ad agency Razorfish is about to unveil 20 self-tweeting bicycles for SXSW! During the interactive portion of the festival, these bikes will be offered for free to share and they come with fun features including a GPS. Plus each bike has a Twitter ID and is programed to tweet about their […]

Sharing Your Passion

So, there you are parking your bike, removing your helmet and locking up as a friendly stranger approaches and asks, “Do you ride that thing in downtown traffic?” Or maybe you run into a coworker on the sidewalk as you’re getting off the Express Bus and they inquire, “Wow, you take the bus into work?” […]

Location, Location, Location

Imagine Austin recently hosted Lively Places: Creating Neighborhoods and Districts We Love, where an audience member asked, “What can individual Austinites do [to help create lively places]?” Speaker Ellen Dunham-Jones answered, “Few of us do the math on our household transportation costs – and yet, about half of us actually spend as much or more […]