Location, Location, Location

Imagine Austin recently hosted Lively Places: Creating Neighborhoods and Districts We Love, where an audience member asked, “What can individual Austinites do [to help create lively places]?”

Speaker Ellen Dunham-Jones answered, “Few of us do the math on our household transportation costs – and yet, about half of us actually spend as much or more on transportation than we do on housing. Sit down and figure out your total annual costs for driving, and add that to your cost of housing. The Center for Neighborhood Technology’s Housing + Transportation Affordability Index is a great online tool that can help you with that. Think about whether moving to a smaller home, closer to more things you enjoy and need, might give you a better lifestyle.”

Movability wondered if people actually have the ability to make informed decisions about moving or choosing a place to live. We looked around to see if there is professional help for people who wish to “think about” where they live and the costs associated.  To our surprise, several realtors already provide clients with a lot of information.

We found at least two realty companies with similar statements “Find where you should live if you want to avoid commute times and make your life a little easier,and maps like these:

rush vs

Of course, within the second ring (20-35 minutes) is also where people will have the most travel options. It’s accessible to walk to more places, there are more quality bus and bicycle routes, and you can easily find car2go or zipcars.

Do you know realtors that are particularly good advisers on how to make location “work” with less transportation hassles and minimal costs? Let us know!

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