It Just Makes Sense: The “Ah ha Moment”

ah ha moment

We’re creatures of habit, but change isn’t all that hard – especially when you experience the “ah-ha moment,” where the change clicks and it all makes sense. Maybe you’ve been meaning to bike into work, take the bus, or try car2go? Well, chances are making the shift is easier and more rewarding than you can even imagine, you just have to try it!

My partner and I recently became a one-car family and the urge to explore options has been staring me in the face, but we’ve managed to get by carpooling thus far. Cycling is too scary for my skill level where we live – off South Lamar – but car2go seemed easy and accessible. I’d been meaning to try it out for over a year, but for one reason or another, my test drive always got delayed. Then it happened – last weekend on a neighborhood walk I thought what the heck and jumped into one with no particular place to go. I let myself test out the quirks without the fear of having to be on a schedule. This impromptu test drive gave me the assurance and confidence I needed to take advantage of this option more often. Since then I’ve already used car2go a handful of times and get excited about using it more, especially with SXSW coming up!

So Movability decided to ask others about their “ah ha moment” and we heard some great stories.  Here are a few:

Greg says, When I was younger and broke, I bought a $60 Peugot road bike on Craigslist so I could commute the 3 miles to work and school to save on gas. The first week was tough. I almost fell off the bike the first time I rode it. I was out of shape and wasn’t entirely comfortable on the road with cars. As I got used to riding, I felt better physically and my energy levels went way up. I felt energized when I got to class and work. I got addicted to the adrenaline of speeding down hills.

When I got a better job and drove to work, I spent 45 minutes each way sitting in traffic and spent about $300 a month on gas. It was a complete waste of time and money and it made me miserable. So, I started applying to places within biking distance of where I live. My “ah ha moment” was realizing that bicycling was just that important to my quality of life. Now I ride the hike and bike trail every morning to and from work. I take my bike out on evenings and feel bad for those I pass sitting in downtown traffic. It’s actually quicker to ride a bicycle than sitting in traffic.

Brenda says, When I started working at Whole Foods I noticed a lot of bike commuters and I thought it would be a good idea, but it really took my co-worker (who also lives near me) egging me on before I would actually try bicycling. I was really hesitant because Lamar is an intimidating road and I didn’t want to get killed on my way to work. My co-worker mapped out a much safer route that was the same distance. I really had no excuse after that.

I still never have and probably never will go down Lamar on my bike. But, my “ah ha moment” comes from watching all the growth of condos on South Lamar. Now I can also say that I don’t want to drive my car on Lamar anymore either and I am grateful to have an alternative commute transport option.

Paloma says, I’ve not been a huge fan of cars for quite some time now. I’m mortified by the increase of traffic fatalities we’re seeing in Austin. In one week I personally saw six crashes. That was my “ah ha moment;” my awareness of the risk factor.  Now I’m making plans to move closer to work so I can get rid of my car. I feel much safer walking or cycling where I need to go and using car2go for cross-town trips. 

Hannah says, Austin’s mild weather and the terrible Austin road-rage hangover I get from traffic encourages me to bike to work when I can, but my “ah ha moment” is the thrill I get from feeling like a badass and the effect of the awesome endorphins It lets me start my day off better than with feeling great, not to mention it saves me money on gas, is better for the environment, and I get my exercise for the day. 

Have you had an “ah ha moment”? We’d love to hear it! Please take a minute to share your story with us in a comment.

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