Using Technology Can Reduce Stress?

appA new study found that people who use apps to plan their commute are happier, have lower stress levels and a more enjoyable overall commute experience. The study found that, “people who engaged social networks while commuting experienced less stress and a greater sense of control over their commute. There was also a sense of satisfaction about the ability to help others.”

Here are some apps that could help improve your daily travels:

Waze – the GPS navigation tool that helps you avoid traffic by providing real time route information based on “crowd-sourced information” from other drivers. Plus, you can share information with your Facebook friends and navigate to the cheapest gas station. Waze turns off the phone keyboard when the car is moving, but a new hands-free feature works with voice activation to let users safely enter real time data.

Roadify – this app allows you to connect to official transit schedules and receive alerts and updates from other commuters. Roadify was built for people who are tired of running after the bus, not knowing about transit delays or frustrated trying to find a parking spot.

Bike Repair – 58 highly detailed photo repair guides + 79 bicycle problems explained; everything from fixing a flat to repairing a derailleur.

Tour Austin – whether you are traveling to Austin, relocating, or are already a local, this app can teach you where to go and what to do. Tour Austin contains interactive GPS mapping that will guide users turn-by-turn to the front door of each location.

Historic Austin Tours — this iphone app takes users on 3 different tours: Congress Avenue, East 6th Street and Old West Austin. Great for the history buff or just a nice Sunday stroll.

Do you use apps to improve your daily travels? Do you think these apps are just another distraction? Let us know what you think!

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